Could A Dashcam Save You Money On Your Car Insurance?

Up until a few years ago, dashcams only seemed to be the preserve of footage from foreign car crashes. But there’s a growing number of them appearing in UK cars, and you may now be able to save money on your car insurance by installing your own dashcam.


A dashcam is simply a windscreen-mounted video camera which records your view as a driver, with the aim that their footage can be used to provide evidence in the event of crash or insurance claim.

As the price of the devices and the storage they use has come down, they’ve now become more accessible to the average driver, and now there’s the added incentive of being able to save on your car insurance in you use one.

Several insurers will now offer you a discount for having a dashcam installed, as they claim that drivers will be more responsible with a camera recording their every move, and the footage they record can also reduce their costs in the event of a claim.

Here’s a few examples of the types of deal available:

The average car insurance premium is now £450 per year, so the example discounts aboveut could save the average person £45-£90 per year – dashcams themselves cost from around £50, so the most basic model should pay for itself in the first year.

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  1. Nice little article on dash cams! I wrote a similar article on how to get a car insurance discount with a dash cam on my site, they certainly are becoming much more popular and car insurers are becoming more aware of this.


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