MoneyExpert: Find The Right Credit Card For Christmas Spending

For early Christmas shoppers wishing to compare credit cards, the market currently offers a number of different deals with varying levels of interest and balance transfer rates.

The Platinum Plus card from MBNA is currently offering a zero per cent interest rate on balance transfers and purchases until November and February 2007 respectively. Typical annual percentage rate (APR) is 15.9 per cent.

Natwest’s Classic Card also offers zero per cent interest on transfers and purchases for nine months and has additional online security from Natwest Secure.

One of the best rates of APR on the current market is with the Flexi-Rate Barclaycard if the customer makes a ten per cent minimum payment each month. The card also offers 12 months interest free balance transfers.

Customers can get a free Sony MP3 Walkman when they sign up for a Sony credit card, which has an APR of 15.9 per cent and zero per cent for 12 months on balance transfers and three months on purchases.

According to Credit Action, the total UK personal debt was £1.247 trillion at the end of August 2006 and is expected to exceed £1.25 trillion by the end of September.

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