Card Fraud Risk For Almost Two-Thirds of Britons

Nearly 2 in 3 people are putting themselves at risk of credit or debit card fraud according to a new survey. According to the Which? survey, reports in the Guardian, 21% said they would give out their account number to a caller claiming to be from their bank. 19% don’t check their statements and 23% have the same PIN for all of their accounts.

Now, there’s a lot of sneaky and clever things that fraudsters can do in order to try to swindle people out of their money, but I think we all have to have some responsibility for the security of our cash, and giving away account details to an unknown caller is asking for trouble. A little common sense can go a long way, and I can’t believe that 21% of people would make it so easy to get vital account details. The other figures are more believable, yet you should always check your statements for fraudulent activity (it can often be done in small amounts across a lot of accounts, which means that people are less likely to notice), and vary the PIN numbers you have, as well as having different passwords and login details for your online accounts.

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