Saving App PiggyPot Goes Public

PiggyPot, a new saving app for iOS, has launched on the app store in “public beta”, which allows users to start using the app for real and to provide feedback to the developers, highlighting issues and suggesting future functionality.

Piggy Pot

The app allows you to setup savings goals, such as a holiday, birthday or specific purchases, together with a timescale for achieving the saving, and then automatically transfers the money in to each “pot” either on a weekly or monthly basis. Once saving, you can monitor the progress towards each saving goal on the app.

Withdrawals to your bank account are free, or if you to choose to withdraw your money as “PiggyPot Shop Credit”, you can get a 5% bonus on your savings as they’re paid out as shop gift cards or Amazon vouchers.

Here’s a video of PiggyPot in action:

PiggyPot is free to download from the app store (currently iOS only), and you’ll need a UK bank account and debit card to get started.

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