Sat Nav Thefts Up: Offered As Incentive For Car Insurance

I found it quite ironic today, after having heard on the radio that the number of cases of theft of satellite navigation systems from cars has risen considerably, that Tesco is offering cheap sat navs as an incentive to take out its car insurance.

Going slightly off topic – aren’t we in a similar situation to a few years ago when stealing car radios was all the rage? That appeared to die out gradually as prices came down, and as they became more integrated with the car itself, making it less profitable and more difficult to nick them. The same thing will hopefully happen with sat navs (and then there’ll probably be a new type of gadget to nick).

Sat nav manufacturers have pointed out that most sat navs have built-in PIN protection that users are largely failing to use, but it would only be a theft deterrent if all sat navs required a PIN and that this was widely known. Otherwise, thieves will still take the risk.

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