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The Guardian recently published a list of their ten best money saving sites, which in my opinion missed out some of the most obvious sites to visit, as well as featuring some that I had quite frankly never heard of.

In any case, this got me thinking about my own list of top sites to visit if you want to save money:

  1. – regardless of what you think about comparison sites, there’s no doubting the ease at which they let you compare a large percentage of the market for things such as insurance, savings and credit cards.
  2. – I recently wrote about this site which allows you to compare the prices of groceries from 4 supermarkets Tesco, ASDA, Ocado and Sainsbury’s.
  3. – Martin Lewis is the undisputed king of money saving and his website and forums are filled with ideas and tips for saving cash.
  4. – the auction site is both a great way to find bargains, and can also be a way of making money if you’ve got items to sell.
  5. Quidco – I’m yet to use this site, but I’m led to believe that this cashback site can save you a reasonable amount of cash on a range of items.
  6. Amazon – now more than just an online bookstore, Amazon can usually undercut any price you’ll see on the highstreet on an ever increasing range of products.
  7. LateRooms – if you’re looking to get away on the cheap, this site might be able to find you a discount.

There are obviously plenty of other sites out there which do similar to those featured above – what are your top money saving websites? Do you have any gems that you think we should hear about? Leave them in the comments below.

12 thoughts on “Top Money Saving Websites

  1. If you’re into saving money (and who isn’t) the folks at seem to have the right idea for us all.

    Merry Xmas!


  2. If you are looking to compare money transfer providers, I would totally recommend . On a recent large money transfer to Spain, we saved an absolute fortune by using a foreign exchange broker and not the high street bank. Well worth taking a look!

  3. Thanks a lot for providing these coupon sites! Everybody can save money using these sites. I would like to suggest Kind Coupons. It is a similar site and donates half of its profits to charities.

  4. Great list, another one that should be mentioned is a very popular daily deals uk aggregator ( that pulls together all the group buying deals into one easy place to save the fustration and constant emails of going to the vendors directly.

    I have personally saved alot of money on local deals using this service. Hope it helps others.

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