It Pays To Watch: Your Thoughts

I managed to miss the first episode of Money Saving Expert (c) Martin Lewis’ new TV show on Five, It Pays To Watch.

If you saw the programme, what were your thoughts on it?

If you didn’t catch the first show, it’s on Wednesday’s at 7.30pm for the next few weeks.

One thought on “It Pays To Watch: Your Thoughts

  1. When Martin advocated keeping chickens recently to save money on eggs, I thought this was a bit irresponsible as the idea was glamorised and made to look far too easy. The downsides were not mentioned, i.e. having to clean out the chickens in all weathers, far from enjoyable in cold snowy weather! One £6.00 bag of feed does not go very far, feed can in fact be very expensive and has to continue even when the birds are in a non-laying phase. He didn’t mention that chickens can’t just be bundled of to the chicken kennels when holidays come round – they are a tie and lastly but by no means least, the upsets and disappointments when the foxes damage the pens and take or kill your precious chickens. I’m not sure all this is worth the cost of a few eggs unless you are a very committed chicken keeper.

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