MoneyTrack: iPhone App has launched a free iPhone app to help you track all of your bank and credit card accounts on your phone.

The MoneyTrack app, which is available from iTunes, compliments’s online account aggregator which has been available for some time.

MoneyTrack aggregates all of that account information into a single place. MoneyTrack allows you to see not only the various account balances, but also analyse those balances, keep track of your spending behaviour and perhaps spot a few ways to save some cash.

There is currently only an iPhone/iPad version of the app, although other platforms are likely to be catered for in the future.


The MoneyTrack login page: MoneyTrack iPhone app

An overview of your transactions, with a clever use of “bubbles” to show the aggregate of spending and saving: MoneyTrack iPhone app

Adding an account: MoneyTrack iPhone app

We’ll be giving the MoneyTrack iPhone app a good test drive over the next couple of weeks, and will post our thoughts here.

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