The Martin Lewis Money Show

Moneysavingexpert Martin Lewis has a new TV programme starting on ITV1 at 7.30 on Tuesday nights.

Martin Lewis Money Show

The show, which is on every week until Christmas, other than when ITV is showing a football match, will feature Martin’s practical, money saving tips.

Ex-Apprentice contestant and reporter Saira Khan will be using Martin’s advice to see if she can save money too – such as finding cheap MOTs for her car, haggling in the high street and using credit cards in a responsible way.

As well as watching the programme on ITV1, you can also follow the show on Twitter.

We’ll be tuning in to see what money saving ideas Martin has to offer. We’ll also be interested to see if the show has an advertising sponsor. If there is a sponsor, the smart money would be on, who will soon own, but imagine the uproar if it were! Twitter might self-destruct. Chances are though Martin will have tried to maintain his independence and gone without a sponsor, or used a non-financial advertiser.

If you watch the show, why not let us know your thoughts on it in the comments below.

UPDATE: You can now watch the show online via the ITVPlayer.

6 thoughts on “The Martin Lewis Money Show

  1. Martin Lewis is a sell out, He sold his Website and EVERY members details for millions. Hardly a money saving expert is he! He is just a poster boy for the big energy companies and instills the illusion you have choice. Wake up people.

  2. I have seen yor prorams several times over changing utilities. I applied to change to First Utility on the 11th November and received an initial e-mail. Since then nothing No notificatiob of change over,Cannot get through on e-mail(no reply), Telephone the last time I contated them today (one of several occasions)number 21 in queue. What can I do? Can I contact the ombudsman to stop them making advertising clkaims they cannot fullfil or what.

  3. hy martin i am with aviva car insurance i would like to know if my parnter had five years no claims and he passed them on to me could i go to another insurance company with his no claims bonus from bev hawkins

  4. I have just had my BT bill in which was £185.00 on checking this I found that £13200 was advance charges.Is this right. I pay quarterly by Direct Debit. When I rang up to point out that I was’nt happy about this I was told it was in my contract,but if I wanted to get a cheaper bill should pay monthly and by Direct Debit.Can you give me your comment on this please.

  5. Hi Martin, we have switched energy provider. We are in credit with the old provider will they automatically send us the credit amount?

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