Stop Smoking, Save A Packet


Being a non-smoker, it had almost passed me by that today (12th March) is National No-Smoking Day.

As everyone probably already knows, smoking is an expensive habit, and after today’s budget, it is going to get even more expensive.

There are some scary stats on just how much smoking costs – a recent report suggests that the average smoker spends a staggering £2,000 a year funding their nasty habit (that’s based on smoking 20 a day at £5.55 per packet) – that’s just the cost of the cigarettes, not taking into account the extra money that smokers pay on things like life insurance and critical illness. At that amount means it’s got to be worth quitting, if not for your health, then at least for your wallet.

By the way, the extra 11p per packet added in today’s budget will increase the cost to a 20-a-day smoker by £40 per year.

Photo by lanier67

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