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It’s not too long until I’ll be jetting off on holiday for a couple of weeks, so I’ve begun to start thinking about my holiday reading.

I don’t normally get much chance to read, but holidays are an exception, and with two weeks of sitting in the sun to fill (I find it difficult to just lie there and soak up the sun, I have to be doing something), then there’s plenty of time to fit in a few good reads.

Of course, rather than trashy novels, I’d like to read some books related to personal finance, which will hopefully give me something to talk about on this blog when I get back.

So my question is, which personal finance books would you recommend reading? Ideally, I’d like them to be under £10 on Amazon, so that I can afford to buy 2 or 3 without breaking the bank. If you need some help, take a look at these personal finance books on Money Watch’s very own Amazon store.

I know Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki will probably be mentioned, but that’s one I won’t need to buy, as I’ve been gratiously donated this book by Plonkee (read her less than enthusiastic review of it).

So, it’s over to you – please leave your suggestions for good holiday reads in the comments below.

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