Money Round Up: 27th August 2008

Here’s what’s been going on in the world of personal finance and money today:

From Money Watch:

  • Lloyds TSB Change ‘Pants’ Password – A Lloyds TSB customer who had his telephone banking password set to “Lloyds TSB is pants” rang up to find they had changed it to “no it isn’t”. He’d changed it when he fell out with the bank over an insurance policy, and later found they would not change it for him again – after he requested it to be reset as “Barclays is better”.

From around the web:

  • Get the best mileage for your car-buying dollar – a look at the most efficient and cheapest cars to run, at least in the American car market. Not being a car expert, I’m not entirely sure which of these are available in the UK.
  • The hidden costs of college – again, this is information from a US blog, but if you’re soon off to university, this post should give you an idea of other costs associated with your uni course, as well as just spending money for beer.
  • Just what is average? – Great article which aims to crack the myth of the oftern quoted “average”, and shows how it can easily be misused or misunderstood. It’s also worth reading the other articles in the series which will help to give you a more analytical and cynical view on the stats featured in the media.

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