Financial Products From Supermarkets

In a recent article, The Telegraph looks at whether financial products bought from high-street supermarkets give you a good deal.

The article looks in detail at the 3 major supermarkets, Tesco, Sainsburys and ASDA.

The conclusion it comes to is that it is still worth shopping around for your finance deals – for example, when it comes to insurance, in most common cases you’ll be able to get a competitive quote from the supermarkets, but if you fall outside the common criteria, you might find it better to look elsewhere.

You also should remember that most supermarkets are tied to one finance provider – it may therefore pay to go to a broker who can search the entire market for the product you’re after. Also, although products such as insurance are often marketed by the supermarkets on price, you should look further than just the headline premium rate and look at what the cover actually insures you for etc.

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