Standard Life Windfall Questions Answered

The Independent has done a round-up of answers to questions you may have about the Standard Life windfall, following the 98% positive vote for the demutualisation last week.

The questions answered are:

  • Do I Qualify For The Windfalls? If you had a with-profits policy with Standard Life on 30 March 2004 that you still hold now, you will be eligible for free shares.
  • How Much Will I Get? Standard says that about half its members will receive shares worth between £490 and £1,000. You may get more, you may get less.
  • When Will I Get My Windfall? Standard says that shares will be issued to members “as soon as practical” after flotation, which is currently scheduled for July.
  • Should I Sell My Shares? A tricky one – depends whether you think the prospects for companies like Standard Life are good or not.
  • Will I Have To Pay Tax on my Shares? Not on receiving them, but you may have to pay capital gains tax when you sell.
  • Can I Buy More Shares? If you think the prospects for Standard Life are good, then members, customers and employees will be entitled to buy additional shares at a discount to the listing price – expected to be between 5 and 10 per cent.
  • What Should I Do With My Standard Life Policies? Another tricky answer – best to check the exit penalties first and then decide whether it’s worth it.

For more detailed answers to all of these important questions, read the article.

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