Saved 60% On My Mobile Phone Bill

Mobile phone

It’s been a good week for money saving – yesterday I managed to knock 55% off my car insurance premiums, and tonight I’ve negotiated a 60% reduction in my mobile phone bill.

How did I do this? Well, I’d been out of contract with Orange for about 18 months, which left me with a lot of bargaining power. A couple of weeks ago, I went through 2 year’s worth of bills to work out how much I was using my phone each month. 

Even though I had 120 minutes of calls and 60 free texts available to me each month, I was only using around 40 minutes and 30 texts on average, so I knew I could cut the costs by moving to a plan with less minutes and texts.

I then did a little shopping around on other networks, and picked out a deal on Three which looked to give me what I wanted. Armed with this info, I gave Orange a call and asked them for my Porting Authority Code – which is a code needed to move your phone number to another network.

This began to ring the expected alarm bells at Orange, and they gave me a few options of plans in order to try and keep me as a customer. One of the deals offered was for 300 minutes, 100 texts and unlimited landline calls for just £10 per month. It seemed too good to be true, but I couldn’t really refuse at that rate – even getting a pay-as-you-go phone would probably cost me more than that.

So given the £20 per month saving on this plus the £15 per month I’ve saved on my car insurance, that’s a decent amount of money I’ll have for spending elsewhere next month, which at times like these is very useful.

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