What Should I Do With Leftover Euros?


I went to Ireland for a wedding over the weekend, and rather than getting some Euros from a travel agent or elsewhere before I left, I used the lazy option and simply withdrew money from the ATMs over in Ireland.

I ended up withdrawing around 100 Euros more than I could spend (I was expecting to have to pay more for taxis and for drinks at the wedding than I ended up spending), so have returned to Blighty with them burning a hole in my wallet.

So the question is, what should I do with this leftover currency?

Should I keep it for my next trip to Europe, and risk misplacing somewhere around the house, never to find it again? Or should I try to exchange it on the high street for some rediculously poor exchange rate?

If you’ve got any tips or any cunning ideas, let me know your ideas in the comments below. Ideally I’d like to get the money back, as it must be worth £80, so I’d rather have that in my bank rather than sitting around.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Robert Brook

2 thoughts on “What Should I Do With Leftover Euros?

  1. I normally save them or exchange them with someone who’s going to the Eurozone in the near future.

    OTOH Euros are not cheap these days, if you want the money back quickly, you’re probably going to have to suck it up and change them on the high street.

    If it’s any consolation ATMs abroad are not the worst rates ever.

  2. Do what I did with mine. I put my leftover euros to a good use. I donated them to charitycoins.com and fed some orphans!

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