Mortgage Rescue Scheme Helps (A Few) More Families

Remember we talked about the ill-conceived “mortgage rescue scheme” a few months ago, and the fact that it had helped just one family?

Well, there’s some good news.

The best part of £300million thankfully hasn’t been wasted. Figures show that the scheme has now helped a total of 15 families in England, and as many as 70 families in Wales. Sadly, nobody in Scotland has yet benefited from the scheme, and Northern Ireland is still waiting to receive funding for it, but hey, at least it’s a start.

7 thoughts on “Mortgage Rescue Scheme Helps (A Few) More Families

  1. Rob, frankly the mortgage scheme is a joke. It doesn’t even help the families who are really struggling to repay their mortgages, ie. the sub prime borrowers. It was just another knee jerk reaction and not well thought out at all.

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  3. I expect that these morgage rescue schemes are also working on advising people how to avail a profitable morgage.. and how to avoid getting troubles from their debts

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