Marks & Spencer 20% Sale This Thursday?

not just food...

Rumour has it that Marks & Spencer will be running another one-day sale this Thursday 4th December.

Although it is yet to be confirmed by the top brass at M&S, apparently staff in the shops have confirmed the sale is to go ahead again.

This will be M&S’ second 20% one-day sale in the run-up to Christmas, and is similar to several other short but high discount sales that are happening across the high street as retailers try to stimulate some sort of demand from consumers.

20% off is obviously a healthy discount, and coupled with the extra 2.1% off you’ll get from the cut to VAT, if M&S are passing this on, it provides a good opportunity to buy – but as I mentioned before, it’s only really a bargain if you’d be buying the items anyway. Buying for the sake of a big discount isn’t clever shopping.

To keep an eye on other sale rumours and to get the latest confirmed information, keep an eye on the one-day sale page on

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