Cheapest Mobile Phone Ever?

Motorola W180

If you’re looking for a cheap mobile phone this Christmas, you probably wouldn’t expect to be getting some change from a fiver.

But Carphone Warehouse is offering the Motorola W180 phone on pay-as-you-go for just £2.88 – yep, about the same as a pint of beer.

Whilst the phone doesn’t have particularly advanced features, such as a camera or web capabilities, it does boast an FM radio and a choice of ringtones, oh and it can do those boring things phones always used to do, such as making calls or sending text messages.

At such a low price you could afford to leave one in the car or around the house in case of emergencies, or they could be used to lend to the kids when they’re going out on their own (if they haven’t already got their own iPhone or something).

Can you think of any other uses these cheap phones could be put to? If so, let us know in the comments below.

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