Recession Watch: Nissan Redundancies, Zavvi Store Closures

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More bad news on the job front today, as Nissan has announced it is getting rid of 1,200 jobs from its Sunderland factory. The job losses amount to 25% of Nissan’s workforce in Sunderland.

Nissan saw a massive difference in sales in December 2008 compared with December 2007, down nearly 27%. The car industry as a whole saw a fall of 21%, so Nissan has suffered more than other car makers.

Music and DVD retailer Zavvi, which went into administration before Christmas, has closed 22 of its stores with immediate effect, affecting 178 jobs.

The stores closing, along with number of staff lost from each store are:

Ashford (Designer Outlet) (8 staff)
Ayr (5)
Bideford (Atlantic Village) (7)
Braintree (7)
Braintree (Freeport Village) (7)
Bridgend (Welsh Designer Outlet Village) (8)
Castleford Outlet (8)
Chatham (13)
Edinburgh (Cameron Toll) (4)
Hempstead Valley (9)
High Wycombe (Octagon) (8)
Huddersfield (7)
Liverpool (Clayton Square) (28)
Livingston (McArthur Glen Outlet) (5)
Manchester (Salford Quays) (5)
Mansfield (McArthur Glen Outlet) (6)
Newcastle (Royal Quays) (6)
Sterling Mills (10)
Street (Clarks Village) (7)
Swindon (Great Western Designer Outlet) (8)
Torquay (5)
York (McArthur Glen Outlet) (7)

List courtesy of the BBC.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Eduardo Mueses

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