Cheap Netbooks From M&S & Next?

Asus EEE PC 901 recién sacado

Reports from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) currently running in Las Vegas suggest that highstreet retailers M&S and Next will be selling cheap netbooks from makers Asus and Elonex from next month.

Netbooks are a cheap form of mobile computing, allowing users to primarily connect to the web, as well as running some software, whilst on the move, but without the storage space or large screen of a normal laptop – so somewhere between an iPhone/Blackberry and a standard laptop. 

Their popularity has been growing in the past year, probably as consumers look for cheaper alternatives for computing on the move, and having netbooks from £99 available in the likes of M&S and Next will bring them to yet another audience. But it seems like a bit of a brand stretch for both of them to be moving into these types of electronics, but I guess like many retailers they’ll be looking for any markets they are confident they can make a profit in, yet the margins must be quite low on these items.

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