Safely Stash Your Money Under Your Bed

Safe Bed

Thinking of stashing your cash under the matress now that you’re getting a pitiful interest rate on your savings? Well, this new “Safe Bed” from Feather & Black might be just what you’re looking for.

Conceived with tongue firmly in cheek, the bed has a concealed compartment which can be locked with a key, and there’s enough space to keep a pile of notes tucked away, or other valuable items such as jewelry or that stash of “special interest” magazines you’re trying to hide from the wife.

Costing just under a grand, you’ll be lucky if you’ve got anything left over to put in the safe, and in terms of safety, it’s probably as safe as keeping cash anywhere else in the house – might be worth having a little cash hidden somewhere but check your home insurance, as it probably won’t cover you if your house burns down and you lose a couple of grand or more.

Interestingly, sales of normal home safes have apparently gone through the roof recently.

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