M&S 1p Sale

bad penny

To celebrate its 125th birthday, Marks & Spencer is going back to its roots and becoming a “penny bazaar” again for three days from Wednesday 20th May – Friday 22nd May.

In what is likely to become a bit of a bun-fight for the best stuff, it is planning to sell a range of items for just 1p. There will be 2 million items at that price, and the sale will apparently feature jewellery, underwear, ties and socks, although I’ve seen no mention of M&S food being included in the sale.

Goods will be sold on a first come first served basis – we’re unsure whether people will be limited to buying a number of items, otherwise the first in the queue could probably buy everything for a tenner, and then make a profit from it on eBay.

Update: put your fivers and tenners away – apparently customers will be limited to just 5 1p items each. The 1p sale will be available in 300 of its main stores.

The money raised from the sale will go to charity, although M&S are obviously hoping the interest in the sale and the extra footfall in their stores will generate added income elsewhere in their stores. Like many retailers, M&S has suffered this year, so it’s hoping this will be a boost for them. At the end of last year they had some succesful one-day sales in the run up to Christmas.

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