MoneyExpert: Adults In The UK Heed Friends’ Finance Advice Above Their Fashion Sense

People in the UK are more likely to ask their friends about the best rates of finance than whether their bums, do, indeed, look big in this, says a new Alliance & Leicester survey.

Almost a quarter of adults in the UK said that they would ask their friends about finance, compared to just nine per cent who would rely on their friends for clothing advice.

More than one in ten say that a friend has offered them advice about money matters in the last year, although crucially it does not reveal how good that advice was.

Heedful of the above caution, almost 60 per cent said that they would never take a friend’s advice about finance.

Alliance & Leicester used the occasion to point out the claimed benefits of its Recommend a Friend scheme.

The scheme pays £50 to customers who recruit their friends to an Alliance & Leicester Premier Direct or Premier account, and an additional £50 to the new customer.

“Good news travels fast, and there is no better endorsement than that of a friend,” said Helen Palmer of Alliance & Leicester.

“Our Recommend a Friend scheme encourages people to spread the word that shopping around for the most competitive current account is a worthwhile process.”

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