FSA Launches Finance Site For Young Adults

The UK financial regulator, the Financial Services Authority (FSA) has launched a new website aimed at helping young adults (16-24) with their finances.

This site is aimed at 16-24 year olds, to help you better understand money issues. It is part of our National Strategy for Financial Capability, which aims to improve the financial capability of consumers in the UK.

WhatAboutMoney.info has some interesting “life stages” guides, for events such as getting your first job after school, learning to drive and going to university.

Whilst the information is no doubt useful, the site itself isn’t the most friendly – not particularly easy to navigate and the layout makes it difficult to know quite where you should be reading – but perhaps that’s because at nearly 30, I’m outside of their target audience!

Having said that, as it’s written by the FSA, it is impartial, so it lacks the selling you get with commercial sites who try to do the same thing, which is probably a good thing for this age group.

One thought on “FSA Launches Finance Site For Young Adults

  1. It’s a horrible website to look at and navigate!

    Considering it’s provided by the FSA the information seems a bit thin with too many links out to other sites.

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