Student Accounts Reviewed

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If you’re currently preparing for University and are wondering which student bank account to sign up to, it’s worth reading the best student account reviews from the Student Finance blog.

We’ve spoken about the pros and cons of various student accounts in the past, and one of the key points when choosing a student account is to not get sucked in by all the freebies that banks love to offer to tempt students in to taking out their accounts. (Banks know that if they can get to you early enough, you’re likely to stick with them for a long time, hence why they can afford to pile on these “gifts” and offer interest-free overdrafts).

The level of (0%) overdraft is can be a better factor to make your decision on, rather than the freebies, although remember, whatever level of overdraft you get and use, at the end of the day it has all got to be paid back.

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