How To Find Free Wi-Fi

Free Wifi Spot

If you’re a regular user of your laptop whilst away from your home or office (or indeed have a modern phone which can access the internet via wi-fi), then you’ll probably have experienced the problem of finding a strong, legal and free wireless connection.

It can be frustrating and costly if you don’t know where to look.

Thanfully, Techradar has a useful guide for finding free wireless connections for your phone or laptop when you’re out and about.

More and more pubs, restaurants and hotels now offer free wi-fi, such as McDonalds and Wetherspoon pubs (ok, we know you don’t really want to eat or drink in either of those places, but if you need wifi then they’ve got to be worth a quick visit). There are also a growing number of publicly available hotspots which you can connect to (although watch out for ones that charge. Check with your broadband provider, as you might be entitled to connect to some of these hotspots as part of your deal.

The article also has details on how to detect public networks that you can connect to if there’s no obvious networks near.

It’s worth noting that it’s not a good idea to connect to any unsecured, private networks your laptop might detect – it’s actually against the law to connect to someone else’s wireless network without their permission (so don’t think that you can freeload off your neighbours broadband).

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