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Not so long ago we posted some tips on avoiding huge energy bills, and if you found that interesting, you’ll love a new post on MoneyMagpie which goes into much more depth about how you can make savings on energy with insulation throughout the home (sounds fascinating, I know, but stick with us, there’s some big savings to be made, plus a bonus at the end of this post for those that stay awake that far).

If you recall, energy bills are predicted to reach as much as £2,000 per year by 2016, so any preparation you can do and any ways you can make your home more energy efficient will get more and more important as prices continue to rise (plus you’ll be helping to save the planet too, you eco-warrior you!).

MoneyMagpie has split its insulation tips into the following areas, shown with the estimated saving you could make (courtesy of the Energy Saving Trust):

  • Cavity Wall Insulation (£160)
  • Solid Wall Insulation (£400)
  • Double Glazing (£135)
  • Loft Insulation (£155)
  • Hot Water Tank Insulation (£40)
  • Floor Insulation (£70)
  • Draught Proofing (£25)
  • Government Grants

Of course, there will probably be some upfront costs for most of these, but there are some good deals available on things like loft insulation right now, so some can be achieved with minimal outlay but the promise of a good return over the coming years.

Here’s a bonus MoneyMagpie link for reading this far: Tips For Cutting Your Heating Bills.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Velo Steve

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