Beginners Guide To Building Your Own PC

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In a previous post I mentioned upgrading your old PC instead of forking out for a new one, which can save you a fair bit of money.

Building your own PC from scratch might not actually be that cost effective, with the price of high spec new PCs getting ever cheaper, but this beginners guide to putting together a PC using all the necessary components will help you if you decide to go down that route.

As I say, it might not necessarily save you a lot of money, and might take a little time, but it will give you a greater understanding of the workings of a PC, and may mean cheaper repairs in the future. It should also leave you with a machine that does exactly what you want.

And if you find that you really enjoy PC build and maintenance, it could be something you could turn into another source of income.

In terms of buying components, I’d personally steer clear of high street stores such as Maplin and PC World, as they tend to be pretty expensive. Independent component stores are often cheaper, and of course, there are plenty of stores to by PC components from online, such as Saverstore, DABs and Misco. And don’t forget to take a look on eBay, for both new and used items, there are bargains to be had on there, even for branded components, just check a seller’s reputation beforehand.

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3 thoughts on “Beginners Guide To Building Your Own PC

  1. If you value your time at anything more than about £100 a day, the time you will spend building the PC yourself, if that cost is factored in, will make the price of building your own PC more expensive than buying from a retailer.

    However, if you do it as an exercise in getting a better understanding of PC’s, you could build a nice extra income stream from doing PC repairs and maintenance, which will help you on your journey to financial freedom.

  2. I’m looking to build my own PC at the moment and I suggest looking at the local computer shop in your area. I found a local store in my area called who do components very cheaply.

  3. I have to agree with Tristan, it works out as more expensive to build your own PC than to simply buy one. As a learning exercise though its great :)

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