Quicken Online Shutting Next Year


A couple of months ago we reported that Intuit, makers of Quicken and Quicken Online, were buying finance aggregator Mint for $170million.

We speculated at the time that one of the tools was likely to have to disappear (why would Intuit buy a competitor and continue to run both tools?), and thought the most likely outcome would be that Quicken Online would disappear .

Well, this was a correct assumption Mint have announced that Quicken Online will be discontinued in 6 to 9 months, with Quicken Online users having their data moved over to Mint.

For long term Quicken users this will probably be a little annoying, having to learn a new tool, but figures suggests that “only” 100,000 users will be affected by this – despite having approximately 1.5million people signed up, just 100,000 of them use the site each month. Mint has about 700,000 regular users.

Current Mint users should benefit from a few added bits of functionality taken from Quicken.

Creative Commons License photo credit: zolierdos

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