The Double Slanket: The Worst Christmas Present Ever?


It’s Christmas morning, your loved one has just handed over that large present that’s been sitting under the tree for the last couple of weeks, teasing you with it’s unusual shape and lack of any obvious noise when you’ve had a sneaky shake trying to determine what it is.

Your excitement rises as you carefully try to remove the wrapping paper, realising it’s sellotaped to within an inch of its life, you decide to tear the paper off to get to the joy inside.

“A curtain, you really shouldn’t have”.

“Not any curtain dear, a curtain with sleeves“.

“Yeah, and you really shouldn’t have”.

That could be the scene across the country as the Double Slanket invades our homes. have this to say about the slanket:

Snuggling is best when shared, and the Double Slanket allows you to do just that. The gigantic 100% polyester microfibre fleece blanket is an oversized perfect for huddling together on the sofa, and of course being a Slanket it has sleeves enough for two. Ideal for cuddling up all snuggly on the sofa on those couples nights in spent watching a DVD what could be better than being all warm and cosy with someone special? The Double Slanket is equally at home anywhere that a little extra warmth is likely to be needed, be it camping, festivals, or maybe a nocturnal picnic under the stars, the Double Slanket is the perfect way for couples to keep the cold at bay.

Just the name slanket is creepy, and not content with making people look like a monk who’s lost a load of weight, they’re now subjecting it on couples.

What do you think of the Double Slanket? Genius idea for spending time with your loved one and saving money on heating, or has someone just got a load of material they’re really desperate to get rid of? What’s the worst Christmas present you’ve ever received? Let us know in the comments below.

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