Free Christmas Tree at B&Q

If you can stand having a Christmas Tree in your house for at least 3 weeks, B&Q are offering a free one if you spend £30 or more there this weekend.

Take this voucher from MoneySupermarket, spend £30 on other stuff and you’ll be entitled to a 4ft -5ft Traditional Norway Spruce Christmas Tree worth £10.

Not a whopper in terms of size, but it might save you the hassle of finding a tree at a reasonable price, given the shortages that there are supposed to be this year.

By the way, Moneysupermarket have recently relaunched their voucher site, so it’s well worth a visit if you’re looking for discount codes for your Christmas shopping.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Shandi-lee

One thought on “Free Christmas Tree at B&Q

  1. since most of the farmers are right-wingers anyway and cons just want to use it against him?

    the farmers asked for this, and now cons want to use it against Obama… just can it and let the cons “help” the farmers… if they go under, oh well, fewer jobs in red states and the con’s demand…
    Christmas Trees are not food…
    maybe obama can just allow the states to raise these taxes… and let the cons do it if they want? lol

    It’s just ridiculous to take hits from cons on issues that focus on helping mainly cons…

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