Websites For Selling & Swapping Your Secondhand Stuff

The Loft Beckons

The Walletpoppers have been busy finding the best sites for selling and swapping your unwanted, secondhand stuff – just in time for you to make or save a bit of money this Bank Holiday.

Firstly, they’ve listed the best websites for selling secondhand stuff, which includes Gumtree and Preloved, amongst others.

eBay gets a mention of course, but where the other sites have an advantage is that in some cases they are niche sites, with a more focussed audience for your goods (and therefore they may be more likely to sell than on eBay), and they also do not charge a fee for listing your items, eBay does.

Secondly, they’ve gone on to the best sites for swapping your unwanted items, including Swapshop, Swapit and iSwap.

What better way to spend a wet (or even snowy) Bank Holiday than searching for old stuff to sell up your loft or at the bottom of your wardrobe? Happy hunting!

Creative Commons License photo credit: jeffedoe

7 thoughts on “Websites For Selling & Swapping Your Secondhand Stuff

  1. The websites mentioned above are good, but you can view this website too. Its also a very good Websites For Selling & Swapping Your Secondhand Stuff.

  2. There is also a great free place to sell your clutter called ads’ere 100% Free to use, no hidden costs and you are able to give customers a very good idea of what they would be buying as you can place ads using video, audio and pics :)

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