MoneyExpert: Barclays Relaunches Student Card For Class Of ’09

Barclays has re-launched its student credit card in preparation for what will eventually be known as the class of 2009.

The company claims that the card has the best rate typical APR of any student credit card – at 14.9 per cent – and that it has a range of incentives.

The Barclaycard Student has an initial £600 credit limit and no fee for exceeding this limit, with monthly repayment charges of five per cent.

Barclays will send a text reminder on every due date. The card also features a cash advance rate of 14.9 per cent, with a 2.5 per cent handling charge at a minimum £2.50.

The company has joined forces with Dell to supply £360 notebooks, including free MS Works software, to card holders, repayable interest free over 12 months.

“We have tried to create a card which will help students get the most out of university life but recognises that there are times when finances will be under pressure,” said James Le Brocq of Barclaycard.

“By keeping credit limits sensible, reducing charges and introducing features like text reminders, students can build a credit history which will prove useful throughout university and beyond.”

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