What’s The Price Of Your Stolen Credit Card Data?

E-Commerce Visa (Test tamron 17-50 2.8)

How much do you reckon your stolen credit card data is worth? According to this blog post, it would sell for just $4 (£2.50) on one of the many underground sites selling stolen card details.

The reason for such a low price? Supply and demand, and thanks to recent trojans such as ZeuS, there’s currently plenty on the supply side to drive prices down for those looking to buy stolen credit card data.

You might have to pay a bit more for extra information, such as mother’s maiden name and date of birth, but you’re still looking at a low outlay for data you’d think was pretty valuable.

An interesting point is made in the blog post comments – couldn’t you pay for the stolen credit card data with a stolen credit card?

Well no, the crooks aren’t that stupid – they use payment systems like LibertyReserve and Webmoney – virtual currencies used in the “underworld”.

Via BankTech

Creative Commons License photo credit: Fosforix

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