MoneyExpert: MasterCard Reveals Complex Credit Card Relationships

New pan-European research conducted by MasterCard has offered an unusual insight into our complex relationships with seemingly unremarkable credit cards.

The most popular single quality that EU citizens wanted their cards to demonstrate was high spending power and prestige, with 34 per cent saying that it would attract them.

This was particularly strong in Italy, where 55 per cent said that it would be the decisive factor in choosing a new credit card.

The chance to design their own credit card would be a decisive factor for 26 per cent, while a less arty 24 per cent said they would be happy with a nice design from their bank.

People aged between 18 and 24 were most likely to want their cards to come with a designer fashion tag.

The cares and concerns of rearing a young family were reflected in the priorities of those aged 35-44, who said that they would most like their cards linked to a supermarket.

“Brand identity is a major concern for consumers today, so it’s no surprise that people want the card in their wallet to reflect their interests and aspirations,” said Fredric Conrads of MasterCard.

“Consumers are more likely to use a card that they have an emotional connection to, whether it’s linked to a luxury brand or their favourite football club, particularly if that card offers rewards to help maintain or attain a particular lifestyle.”

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