Best Places To Sell Unwanted DVDs & Games

Since Christmas we’ve been having a bit of a clearout, having identified lots of things that the kids have lost interest in or have outgrown.

My DVD Collection

Naturally, a lot of the stuff will end up going to a charity shop, as it’s unlikely to be worth selling. But we do have a about 15 DVDs and Wii/Xbox games that might have some value, and while they won’t be worth a fortune, when you’re selling them in bulk the money can add up.

My first instinct was to fire up the MusicMagpie iPhone app, which does a pretty good job of scanning in the bar codes and returning a price. I did notice that you don’t tend to get offered anything for games such as those in the Fifa football series; presumably because once the new season’s game is out, the old ones become pretty much worthless.

But once I’d scanned in all our unwanted DVDs and games, MusicMagpie were offering around £50 for them – not a bad sum for things that would just be sitting around on shelves cluttering up the house.

With MusicMagpie, the next step is to print off a free postage label, package the discs up and send them off. Of course, this part takes a bit of effort, and having delayed doing this for a few days, I’ve read an article from which suggests that I may be better off selling the DVDs and games elsewhere. have checked the prices of their basket of DVDs at the following places, to find out which offered the most:

Several of these names were new to me, and the verdict was that if you’re to pick a single place to sell your items, then CEX could be the place to go (although it will depend on what you have to sell, of course), paying almost double that MusicMagpie were offering.

If you’re prepared to do more work, then you could mix and match and potentially get  the best price by selling each item to the place that offers the most, but that would mean a lot of effort, so it probably won’t be worth it unless you have a lot of DVDs and games to sell.

I’m going to head off to CEX in the next few days to see if they do offer me more than the current offer from MusicMagpie, else I’ll probably be trying out one of the other sites in the list above.

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  1. Hi Rob I always get a better price online than on the highstreet. If you are going to venture out into the highstreet though, have a think about maybe doing a trade in, some places offer more if you put it up against another CD/DVD as oppose to handing over the cash.

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