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We’ve taken a look at The Owl energy monitor in the past, but there’ll soon be a new way to help you reduce the energy you use at home and hopefully save money, in a far more interactive way than the Owl could offer with its little screen.

Loop energy monitor

Launching at the Ideal Home Show on 15th March 2013, Loop makes energy saving simple by constantly tracking exactly how much energy you use, when you use it and shows you how much it’s really costing on your tariff.

As well as helping you reduce the amount of energy you use, Loop has teamed up with uSwitch, the energy switching experts, to help ensure you also pay the least for it. With Loop, you can compare your actual energy usage against the prices from all the UK energy providers and switch to your cheapest plan.

Despite the Government’s Green Deal initiative and pledges to fight rising energy bills, over half of us (53%) want more help to reduce our energy bills and less than a quarter of Brits say they trust their energy provider, according to new research*. Loop is designed to put you in control, not your energy provider, giving you everything you need to take action to save money.

“Homeowners are completely fed up with rising energy prices and frustrated with their energy providers, who do little to help them make savings,” comments Chris Saunders, CEO at  Navetas, the company behind Loop. “For too long households have had to put up with complicated bills, often based on estimated usage. For the first time, Loop gives you everything you need to make the right energy choices, from up to the minute usage information on what you are really using, right through to knowing when you can and should switch to get a better deal.

As your personal energy assistant, Loop takes the hard work out of saving. You can access all of your energy information at any time, anywhere by logging into your Loop account online, or sit back and let Loop send the information to you, through personalised alerts.

Other features include:

  • Live energy feed – tells you in real time exactly how much energy you are using
  • Easy to understand energy information – shows you how much energy you use in pounds and pence, as well as KWh and CO2 emissions, with informative graphs that make it easy to understand how you are using energy and spending money over time
  • Budgeting – set targets for the day, week or month and track your progress
  • Compare energy prices – see what your exact energy usage would cost on other tariffs to make sure you’re always on the best deal

The starter kit makes it easy to set up Loop in a matter of minutes by following simple online instructions to create your Loop account (you only have to do this once) and install your Loop kit. Plug one part of the kit into your broadband router and clip the other onto the cable by your electricity meter.  Loop even lets you know that the kit has been installed successfully and immediately starts measuring your energy.

Chris Saunders adds: “Until now, no one has been able to give consumers everything they need to take action in the face of rising energy bills and stand up to their energy provider. Existing energy ‘management’ products and switching services are piecemeal and don’t tackle the whole problem. Loop goes way beyond anything that is currently on the market to put power firmly in the hands of consumers so they can make the right choices about energy.”

“Everyone uses energy but not everyone knows what a kilowatt is or how much 10kWh should cost. This makes it difficult for consumers to really understand their bills or to change how they use energy.”

The Loop starter kit and 12 month subscription to Loop online is available to buy now from Amazon, priced at £29.99, with a money back guarantee if you don’t save in the first 12 months. For more information visit www.your-loop.com

* Research conducted by Loop in February 2013 among 2,000 British adults. 

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  1. Please contact me. Our loop system is not reading our gas usage. The sensor and receiver is connected fine.

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