OnTrees Updates iPhone App

Account aggregator OnTrees has updated its iPhone app, with a new and improved process for updating your accounts, and a greater number of accounts to choose from.

OnTrees App OnTrees App

Whilst I thought the original release of the app was pretty good, whenever I tried to update my accounts, it always seemed to take forever and eventually stop working, and I’d have to quit the app and re-open it to see my updated balances and transactions.

This update has changed the way you trigger an update (hold your finger on the account you want to update on the account summary screen), and you can still navigate the app whilst accounts are in the process of updating, and despite a delay with some accounts, updates do now work.

The app has also undergone a few minor changes to its look and feel. One thing I’d like to see in the next version is the ability to categorise transactions from within the app, rather than just on the website.

OnTrees for the iPhone can be downloaded for free from the app store. An Android version is promised “soon”.

On a related note, OnTrees may find it difficult to overcome consumer indifference to personal finance management (PFM), according to Datamonitor. Their research found that 73% of people state that they do not need help with their finances from tools like OnTrees.

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