Third Of Britons Carry PIN Reminder

New research by the discount website has revealed that the average Briton enters the PIN number of their main bank card at checkouts more than 1,000 times a year; despite this, 34% of Britons still carry a reminder of their PIN number on them at all times, either in their wallet, pocket, bag or on their phone.

Debit Card polled a sample of 2,136 UK adults in a bid to discover more about their spending habits. The survey formed part of ongoing research into the financial situations of Britons and respondents of this poll were required to answer specific questions about card payments. All respondents tended to pay for items on card when in-store, rather than using cash.

When asked ‘How many times in the last week have you had to enter the PIN for your main credit or debit card for in-store purchases?’ the average answer stated by respondents was ‘22’. Taking this answer into account, that would mean that the average Briton enters their PIN, on average, 1,144 times per year.

However, when the respondents were asked if they carried a copy of their PIN on them, in case they forgot it, 34% admitted that they did. These people were then asked where it was that they kept their PIN reminder and the most popular answers were as follows:

  • Purse/wallet – 36%
  • On mobile phone – 22%
  • In pocket – 19%
  • In bag – 17%
  • Other – 6%

When asked if they had considered that carrying their PIN on them might be risky, 77% said ‘no’. All respondents were asked if they’d ever been a victim of card fraud, to which a fifth, 21%, said ‘yes’. Half of these people, 48%, were respondents that said they carried their PIN reminder on them.

Mark Pearson, chairman of, commented:

“You’d think that entering your PIN more than 1,000 a year would be enough to start remembering what it was. To see that a third keep a reminder of their PIN on them was alarming, particularly because most of these people keep it nestled in their purse or wallet and probably right next to their card. If a thief got their hands on the purse or wallet in question, they’d have an easy – not to mention free – spending spree!

“Consumers should do all they can to protect themselves from credit and debit card fraud and keeping a PIN reminder on them isn’t the way. When you get a new PIN, think of creative ways to remember it, or change it to a number that you will remember.”

2 thoughts on “Third Of Britons Carry PIN Reminder

  1. If you *really* need a PIN reminder in your wallet – disguise it.

    Write a fake phone number on an old business card where the last four digits of the number are your PIN (or middle four, or whatever suits you).

  2. Criminals can also clone your card by attaching a device called a skimmer on a cash machine, and by using a pinhole camera which films you tapping in your pin.

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