Financial Goals For 2008

Plonkee has written about her financial goals for 2008, which focus on improving her career. This got me thinking about my own money goals for next year. There’s nothing particularly revolutionary here, just a lot of me having to listen to my own advice from this blog to improve my personal financial status: Reduce debt […]

Do Petrol Pumps Steal Pennies?

Blogger Paul Annett ponders on whether petrol stations are involved in some penny pinching by adding a penny onto every transaction, in the hope it goes unnoticed and raises plenty of extra revenue. It’s a little unlikely, even though the money to be made by doing this on a large scale could be huge. But […]

Manage Your Finances In Excel

I’ve talked before about using Excel to track your expenses and to setup a budget, but it can be difficult to know where to begin when faced with a blank Excel sheet and the thought of having to add in all of your expenses and spending. If you’d like some help, here’s an extremely useful […]