Which Money Saving Tactic Do You Use in the Pub?

Christmas drinks down the pub can be expensive, so here are some tactics you can use to minimise the cost:

  1. Buy your round early in the night – get the drinks in early and hope that it never comes round to you again, especially when the rounds can get a little silly when everyone’s a bit tipsy.
  2. Buy your round at the end of the night – hope that there are less people to buy for when some have gone home, or have decided they’ve had enough.
  3. Just buy for yourself – sometimes it’s cheaper to look after yourself. Why subsidise someone else’s triple Vodka and Redbull when you’re only drinking lager?
  4. Don’t go to the pub in the first place – bah humbug! The cheapest and least socialable option.

So which tactic do you go for? I tend to go for #1 – I always prefer to get my round out of the way as early as possible – obviously, it can be a dangerous tactic as it can come back round to you quickly.

If you’re looking for ways to save on booze at home, the Motley Fool has got some useful information on cheap drinks for the New Year.

But please remember to enjoy your drink responsibly!

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