Bank Charge Appeal Thrown Out, Banks To Appeal AGAIN!

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You’d have thought that with banks being bailed out to the tune of billions of pounds of tax payers money, then the bank charge court case which has now been going on for what seems like centuries would be sorted without any further obstruction.

But following today’s decision by the Appeal Court, the banks have decided, against the advice of the appeal judge, to appeal yet again and take their case to the House of Lords. What a joke. You’d think the bankers would be doing everything they could to make themselves a little better in the eyes of the public. 

Quite what they’re hoping to achieve from this is anyone’s guess, but our spineless government should probably step in to end all the confusion and let the Office of Fair Trading decide the outcome once and for all.

What’s galling though is that as this case drags on, the costs are no doubt building up (as ever the lawyers are the ones coming out of this very nicely), but more than that, if the eventual decision is that the banks have to continue paying back the charges, which seems the likely outcome, then the nationalised banks will effectively only be paying us back with the money that we’ve had to fork out.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below, but try and keep you language clean when talking about the bankers.

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