ASDA Money Saving Videos


Supermarket ASDA is trying to embrace two current hot trends – money saving tips and social media – by launch its own TV channel on Youtube, featuring money saving idea videos.

Saving You Money TV will feature both ASDA-produced tips as well as (they hope) videos sent in by their customers.

As of writing, they have 11 videos on their channel, including tips on making packed lunches,
using baking foil for saving energy, and a video on how to boil a kettle (only kidding, it shows you how to save £42 per year by only boiling as much water as you need). There’s also some complete nonsense on there, such as a cheese grating contest (but where’s the money saving tip here? Just a lot of cheese being wasted), and a suggestion to buy chilled pizzas instead of ordering a takeaway after a night out. What rubbish. Why not help them out by suggesting some tips or even filming your own tips.

I think I’ll send them a video of me sitting at home shopping on Tesco online in my underpants, which always seems to save me money compared with when I trudge around our local ASDA.

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