BBC Looking For Our Help With Credit Crunch Map

The BBC are looking for help to build up a “mood map” of the effect of the credit crunch around the UK.

We’re asking you what single factor is hurting you most about the credit crunch?

OK, so it’s totally unscientific, and the categories you can choose from are somewhat limited (in fact it’s difficult to see a link between the credit crunch and some of the categories), but it will still be interesting to see what people are feeling about fuel, mortgages etc.

View the results of the map

4 thoughts on “BBC Looking For Our Help With Credit Crunch Map

  1. I saw on the news that you wanted comments on hire car problems after car accidents. I wanted to send something but it is not clear from the website where to send comments.

  2. With the Bank Rate at 0.5%,why does the Government still calculate the income from my savings at 10%.This affects my claiming tax credits and other benefits.

  3. information please on tip for divert no for mobiles when dialling 0845/0800 nos that cannot be be taken from free minutes?

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