Bank Charge Court Case Threatens To Go On… And On…

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The saga of the bank charge court case looks set to continue with the news that the banks have been succesful in their appeal against a judges ruling from last month.

It seems that we’ll now have to wait until the Autumn before things can move forward again, and even then, the case could be taken to the High Court, which will mean even more delays.

What does this mean for your bank charge claim? Well, if you’ve already submitted your claim for your money back, then it’s likely to remain on hold until there is a definitive decision.

If you’ve been wondering whether to wait before you claim, then have a think about when you got charged. As you can only claim back charges which were paid out up to 6 years ago, the more time that passes, the more chance you’ll have an unfair charge (if that’s what they’re ruled as) drop off the courts radar. A submitted claim now might be put on hold by the banks, but it might just secure you a little more back in the long run.

As ever, we’ll keep an eye on any further developments and let you know as and when there’s any changes in the situation.

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One thought on “Bank Charge Court Case Threatens To Go On… And On…

  1. Given that banks have repaid vast sums to depositers in respect of claims for unfair (illegal) charges,and as they never give free money to depositers they haveadmitted their guilt and withholding refunds from other depositers surely is at best unscrupulous and at worse unlawful.

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