Martin Lewis’ New Sun Column & The Advertising Paradox

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis has recently started a new column in the Sun newspaper.

The column is part of the Sun’s new “Rated” section, and helps to bring his money saving tips to yet another new audience (along with his new TV programme).

It’s good that this sort of information is becoming more and more accessible, but in Sunday’s edition the rest of the page created an interesting “paradox” with Lewis’ content – about a quarter of the page featured adverts for premium rate phone lines, 090 numbers in particular, for fortune telling and the like.

These are precisely the type of phone lines that he campaigns against on his website. And who can blame him, when 090 numbers cost up to £1.50 per minute. It’s like advertising McDonalds on a page about healthy eating.

Hopefully in coming weeks the editors of the Sun will be a little more thoughtful in where they place the ads for these services, to maintain some consistency in their content.

One thought on “Martin Lewis’ New Sun Column & The Advertising Paradox

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