What The Nationwide Takeover Means To Dunfirmline BS Customers

Following yesterday’s news that the Dunfirmline Building Society is going bust, we’ve since found out that Nationwide is to takeover the more “stable” areas of the business, whilst yet again us tax payers will bear the risk of the dodgy toxic mortgages Dunfirmline polluted its otherwise decent business with.

How will this affect Dunfirmline customers?

Dunfermline Building Society Bust: Money Safe

Dunfermline Building Society, Scotland’s largest building society, which has been struggling to keep running in the past few weeks, has finally gone bust today.

Although the Dunfermline are yet to update their website with any details of how this will affect its customers, the Government seems to be indicating that savers with up to £50,000 will not lose any of their money.

Tips On Switching Energy Suppliers

According to BitterWallet, now is the time to switch energy providers, as the big 6 gas and electricity suppliers have all recently made changes to their tariffs. The savings will be particularly noticeable for anyone still on a suppliers standard tariff. If you’ve already switched, you might still be able to save a little on your energy bills, and at the moment, every little helps!