Icesave Emails Flagged As Spam

Presenting SpamCam

When I first talked about the process for Icesave customers to request their compensation from the failed Icelandic bank, I mentioned the problems with using email for such a communication – that many emails would disappear into spam folders, and many recipients would be unaware that they ever arrived. It seems this has been the case for many customers.

From the Telegraph:

It is understood that a number of internet service providers (ISPs), including the Carphone Warehouse’s Talk Talk service, have blocked these emails, leaving customers with no information about how they can process their claim. The FSCS confirmed it was now in discussion with a number of providers to try to resolve the problem. A spokeswoman for the FSCS added that the organisation would provide further guidance to those affected by this problem tomorrow (10th November). 

It’s one of the problems with email – it’s neither 100% reliable, nor secure (plus it opens people up to the prospect of phishing). 

Granted, neither is the traditional post, but a combination of the two should ensure that no-one missed out on the important information. And it seems unbelievable that this particular problem wasn’t foreseen by those in charge of the process. Hopefully lessons will be learned for the next time this happens.

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