Halifax Website Redesigned

Halifax have redesigned their website to give it a fresh new look, and made it “responsive”, so that it works across all types of device.

Halifax website redesign

The new site is “responsive”, which means its layout adapts how it looks depending on the type of device you’re using to browse it with.

We’ve been working hard to improve your online experience, whether you’ve been banking with us for years or you’re here for the first time. We’ve come a long way and you’re now looking at our new website, all with you in mind.

More and more of you are visiting us from your mobiles and tablets. You’re banking on the move and you need your bank’s website to work well for you whether you’re on your smartphone, tablet or home computer.

Smartphone users can also take advantage of improved touch controls which helps when trying to use forms on the website.

The online banking side of the site, used by Halifax customers, has not changed.

Take a look at the new website, and read about the changes.

One thought on “Halifax Website Redesigned

  1. The new site is absolutely appalling. Like so many of these idiot providers they ahve gone completely down the ‘mobile app’ design which Microsoft 7 foolishly tried (BUT AT LEAST REALIZED WAS AN ERROR!) . YOU CAN NOT MAKE A ONE ITEM FITS ALL!!
    Halifax provide not real feedback opportunity and like self satisfied tossers that they are they proclaim this mess a success. I am changing my accounts asap.

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